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Assembly of Enclosures

No more than mere cutting materials to predetermined dimensions is necessary before assembly of enclosures. However, bonding options are abundant. The most often used bonding means is the use of the 'eplain joint' method. In addition to means using 'etenons or grooves' prepared prior to assembly work, this 'eplain joint' is another very effective method. For assembly, wood work adhesive is used. Unlike bookshelves or chairs where nails or wood screws are a main bonding means, wood work adhesive is the key component in assembling enclosures. Wood work adhesive is an effective means for maintaining tight seals between bonded surfaces. Application of a more than sufficient amount of adhesive, followed by immediate wiping of extra adhesive, squeezed out from member meeting surfaces, will permit neat and tidy finish. The temporary use of nails, wood screws or sash clamps for glued portions before the adhesive sets will ensure formation of strong and solid bonding. Should the structure provide removability of the back board, or some similar ideas are incorporated, used of packing (e.g. gap filing tape) is highly recommended.