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My first exposure to Fostex speakers for the home, I really was very surprised that we hadn't heard more about them until now!Read the full review here.

6 Moons


The TH500RP is a phenomenal headphone that takes Fostex's planar magnetic driver up to the pedigree that it deserves.Read the full review here.

Enjoy The Music


The Fostex TH500RP is a well built headphone. Sound quality is acurate and consistently engaging across all material.Read the full review here.

Hi-Fi Choice


Fostex have done a very good job of delivering a nice pair of active speakers that are easy to setup and use.Read the full review here.



Sonically, the speakers offer a warm, bass rich output... will reward you with plenty of fun if you love high energy music such as rock or enjoy synth-based electronica.Read the full review here.

Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man)

PX-5HS is most certainly a dependable, reasonably accurate workhorse, powered speaker. Highly efficient, the 6301N excels in cleanly cranking out midrange/voice-centric material: broadcast TV/radioand PA/theatrically oriented audio, etcetera.Read the full review here.

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6301N Series