Speaker Components

P650-E, Enclosure Box for P650K

P650 speaker kit consists of P650-E, 6.5cm enclosure box + P650K, 6.5cm speaker unit, which is good as entry level products for speaker building hobby. The enclosure box is also able to mount other speaker drivers for enjoying the difference of sound taste. The AP05 (offered by MR-0653 dated May 27th 2013), compact amplifier is a very handy 5W + 5W stereo amplifier ideal to drive the P650 speaker as well as P800 and P1000. The combination of the speaker system and the amplifier is good for desktop audio reproduction from PC audio and portable digital audio player.

Main Features:

  • Bass reflex type enclosure box
  • Factory pre-installed speaker terminal, connecting cable and absorber material
  • Just mounting a speaker driver by the supplied screws


Enclosure type bass reflex
Measurements 85(W) x 170(H) x 126(D) mm
Interior volume 1L
Tuning Frequency 134Hz
Material t9 particle board
Net weight 530g
Hole diameter 60mm dia


P650K speaker are not included