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EP-CT1 : Instant Start Controller for UR-2

After the launch of model UR-2 in September 2008, we received a lot of requirements for instant start function especially from broadcast market.  EP-CT1 has been developed as a dedicated instant start controller in order to extend the functionality of UR-2.


In Detail

  • 20 instant start points can be stored.
  • Self-illuminated switches to identify file loading status as well as playback status.
  • 5-million time durable push switch parts as well as robust but compact metal chassis.
  • “Single mode” is to playback a file only once by pressing a key even more than twice, and “Continuous mode” is to playback from the start point anytime the key is pressed.
  • Simple transport control (Rec, Play, Stop, etc.) mode is also available.

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